Jason & Natalie Deel

Meet Jason & Natalie Deel, the passionate owners and visionaries behind the charming Coal Creek General Store. With a deep-rooted love for the small town of Rocky Top Tennesse and its community, Jason’s journey began as a child when he dreamed of one day owning a small store. Natalie from a small town in Oregon had a dream to create a place that blends nostalgia and modern convenience seamlessly. Fuelled by their desire to preserve the area’s rich Appalachian heritage, they embarked on a mission to curate a diverse range of high-quality products, ensuring that every item has a story to tell. Jason & Natalie’s warm and welcoming demeanor embodies the essence of Coal Creek General Store, providing customers with a delightful shopping experience. A true believer in the power of community, they take pride in supporting local artisans and businesses, making the store a hub for homegrown talent. Jason & Natalie’s dedication to history and tradition shines through every corner of the store, making it more than just a shopping destination – it’s a cultural experience. When they are not at the store, you can find Jason & Natalie on Netflix on the show Swap Shop. Jason and Natalie also own the high energy and largest auction company in Tennesse JD’s Realty & Auction. You may also find either Jed or Maleah Jason & Natalie’s children helping out at the store. Come down to Coal Creek General Store and stay a spell, grab a pickle or sandwich before hitting the trails of Rocky Top, TN.

General Manager

Haley Braden

Introducing Haley Braden, the dynamic and dedicated General Manager of Coal Creek General Store. With a passion for fostering memorable experiences and a knack for building strong relationships, Haley is an indispensable asset to the store’s success. Although not from Rocky Top, From a young age, she felt a deep connection to the Appalachian roots of Rocky Top, Tennessee, and that connection led her to embrace the role of preserving the town’s heritage through the store. Haley’s extensive background in retail management and her genuine love for the community make her a perfect fit for the store’s vision. Always sporting a warm smile, she ensures that every customer who walks through the doors feels welcomed and valued. Haley’s commitment to sourcing unique and locally-made products elevates the store’s offerings, providing visitors with an authentic taste of the region’s charm. In her spare time, you can find Haley exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountains, going on adventures with family and friends. Continually seeking inspiration to enhance the store’s connection to nature. As the heart and soul of Coal Creek General Store, Haley Braden brings passion, expertise, and a genuine love for the community to every aspect of her role, making the store a truly exceptional destination for all who visit.